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24.05.2018- TIPAonline.org

TIPAonline.org will be updated shortly and
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around TIPA

Your project portfolio is probably full of requirements for new technology but on the other hand also including a lot of suggested projects focusing on improvements. Improvements to existing IT services are therefore a balance between

  • The necessity to implement the improvement
  • The likelihood of achieving success with as little resource
    as possible saving resources for new technology.

TIPA provides an objective assessment of your process capabilities and an improvement catalogue listing the suggested improvements that will enable your organisation to reach the targets and best support the business strategies. TIPA gives the means to target your development and improvement efforts, allowing you to use your resources optimally.

Assess and Improve

TIPA allows you to assess and improve processes based on your current plans and needs and thereby ensure an objective and focused effort.
It contains standardised methods of independent and accurate assessment of processes and holds the option of obtaining independent and objective and focused recommendations for actual improvements.

TIPA is a methodology based on ITIL and ISO, and therefore does not rely on a specific supplier or Tool. Instead, TIPA ensures that all your processes are weighed and measured within the same scope. Furthermore, using TIPA, your business will be able to rate suppliers and partners and to benchmark objectively to competition within your segment of the industry.

Plan for optimal results

Any process is shaped by the IT services and the operating reality of a given business. This is all subject to changes in technology, organisational structure, as well as business plans and goals. External conditions such as legislative changes, shifts in consumer patterns, or increased competition will also have an impact on a business and the way processes in the organisation are implemented.

No matter the reason for change in the business, IT services and underlying processes must change accordingly to align with business and to help business maintain and develop its ability to stay competitive and adaptive

The base of IT services and the affiliated processes should be a plan that considers the complexity and strategic value of any one element within. Aligning this with the overall goals and needs of the business is paramount, and an assessment with TIPA is a solid foundation for the crafting of such a plan.

Protect your investment

Investing in the continual development and optimisation of the processes in IT service management ensures that a business is always working towards greater efficiency and profitability. A TIPA assessment is part of a carefully constructed financial plan and business strategy, it is undertaken following a method and a process containing specific recommendations as well as measurable results that are easily replicated.

Ensuring uniform results

  • TIPA contains standardised methods of independent and accurate assessment of IT processes. It is repeatable, objective and vendor neutral.
  • A TIPA Assessment is carried out by certified Assessors and Lead Assessors. It allows benchmarking with other organisations within a business segment.
  • TIPA for ITIL is an opportunity to continually assess maturity of processes and give recommendations for improvement based on business value.
  • TIPA for ITIL is the only ISO-based process assessment method developed specifically for the world’s recognised framework for IT Service Management.
  • TIPA is developed by the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST) and is based on the ISO/IEC 15504-33000 (Process Assessment) and ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSM Quality Standard) standards.

Service Stack Technologies & reflectIT cooperates with LIST on training Certified Assessors and Lead Assessors, as well as carrying out TIPA Assessment and conducts classes in Europe and India for “TIPA Assessor for ITIL” and “TIPA Lead Assessor” in May and June of 2018. See more….